Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is essential to living here in Sydney, Australia.

We provide a range of services for air conditioning, mainly we supply and install new split systems and ducted units. Split system units are perfect for cooling or heating a specific room or a side of the house, it is the most cost effective and does an excellent job in providing both heating and cooling, and can be installed in almost any location. The brands that we supply are the ones that we have personally been installing for years, and are the top quality brands that are supplied here in sydney. These units are the most energy efficient and quiet split systems available on the market and won’t break the bank.

Advantages of split systems:

  • Energy efficiency
    Split systems are the most energy efficient and cost effective of any air conditioning unit that can be purchased today.
  • Very quiet
    The new split systems have been designed so that they will not cause any disturbance to yourself or your neighbours.
  • Easy to maintain
    These units come with washable filters and don’t require much routine up keeping, we will show you how, in just under a few minutes.
  • Nice and sleek design 
    With the new units, the indoor and outdoor inverters are much more efficient and don’t require a huge casing which allows for them to be much smaller in size and not that old bulky design, this feature allows the unit to blend in nicely with the decor of your home.
  • Ducted air conditioning installation sydney
    Here at master sparky we understand that purchasing a ducted air conditioner is one the more larger investments you can make on your home, that’s why we take the time to explain everything and understand your wants so we can assist in customising a design that’s right for you.

A ducted air conditioner is a one stop shop for maintaining one temperature throughout the house. With the touch of just a button on a control pad this allows you to set the temperature to whatever suits you best, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The indoor unit is conveniently installed in the ceiling, the conditioned air is then distributed throughout the home via ductwork which leads to the outlets. These systems can also be customised with the zone controlling, allowing you to further control where your system heats and cools, for example you can have the living area zone on during the day and the bedroom zones on at night, allowing for extra cost efficiency.

Advantages of ducted air conditioners

  • Quiet
    With all the noise producing equipment installed in the ceiling or outside, it allows for the peace and quiet you deserve.
  • Constant temperature
    Having the ducted system running it allows for the temperature of the entire house to be at one constant temperature.
  • Design
    With the indoor unit being mounted in the ceiling, and just having the outlets to show, it doesnt change the overall design of the place.
  • Zones
    Having control of where the air is being funneled is another great feature of owning a ducted system.
  • Whole home solution 
    Every room has all year round heating and cooling.