Safety, it’s what we want in our homes, to know that our families are safe. In your home when it comes to electricity, it is mostly dependant on your home having an up-to-date switchboard with the right protection. Yes, we are talking Safety Switches, its what protects you and your family against the dangers of electricity.

Sadly, each year far too many people are killed in Australian homes in electrical accidents that could be prevented. And many more are hospitalised with serious electrical injuries and burns.

Preventable accidents with tragic consequences:

  • a child inserting an implement into a toaster
  • a handyman drilling into a live cable inside a wall
  • stormwater leaking through a roof and into lights and appliances

Your switchboard is your main safety against most electrical dangers. Is your switchboard outdated? Get in touch with us today and send us a photo of your current switchboard and we will be able to let you know if your board is outdated.

Here are a few things to look out for when checking if your switchboard is safe

  • If your house is old then it’s possible that the original fuse box has been modified (sometimes in a way that doesn’t adhere to the rules). As new electrical appliances become available and become more of a modern necessity, so does the need for more circuits and more protection. It’s possible that your fuses simply can’t handle the load that is on them now. For example, if you are using your kettle and microwave at the same time and the circuit trips that is a sign of overloading.
  • Alterations and additions may have been made to your fuse. When it comes to a small renovation or extra couple of appliances, it’s possible that a handyman or other non-qualified electrician simply added a little makeshift solution that may not adhere to the wiring rules and standards. If your Switchboard looks like a bit of a mess with fuses all over the place, its probably time to get the board looked at and replaced.

Always look at your options when it comes to replacing your switchboard and circuit protection, get in touch with a licensed electrician that can provide you the right solution for your home or business. If you are getting tripping when you’re turning on multiple appliances it is likely you will need more circuits to disperse the load more evenly. If you board has old ceramic fuses its time to look at replacing all the old circuit protection. In some cases having the older cable requires a rewire as these can cause fires as the insulation breaks down and the copper sits bare in your walls.

At Master Sparky Electrical we use only quality products to make sure you and your family are safe from the dangers of electricity.